Shopping Virtual: 15 platforms to create your business (January 2023)

Buying online a few years ago was just a trend. Today, this behavior is part of the lives of Brazilian consumers.

In 2023 alone, e-commerce grew by 73.88% according to the MCC-ENET index. The country’s e-commerce gained more than 20 million new consumers with an average purchase frequency of 7 orders per buyer. Increasingly confident in this type of commerce, customers enjoy the benefits of shopping in online malls, such as ease, freedom of choice and competitive prices. This scenario has opened many possibilities for those who want to undertake selling on the internet. However, to be successful it is not enough just to have a good idea and a product, you need to plan for your business to work satisfactorily. For this, creating your own website or using platforms that allow sales on marketplaces is the most viable option. If you are interested in creating a virtual mall, check out the list and learn about the best tools to start or improve your business.

How to create a virtual mall?

We have prepared a list of several options for professional ecommerce platforms so that you can create a virtual mall. Check out the alternatives and find an ideal solution for your business proposal.

1. Wix

One of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, Wix is ​​an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use tool with affordable prices and functionality. The company is one of the pioneers in creating sites through the drag and drop system. This allows users without programming and design knowledge to create professional quality websites.You can also opt for ready-made templates created by professional designers and optimized for mobile devices.Those who choose to do their business online with Wix will have features such as: abandoned cart recovery, unlimited number of items in their stores, catalog that can be integrated with social networks and several other options available in the Wix App Market. Its advanced plan gives you the opportunity to promote products on marketplaces and subscription sales.

two. Nuvemshop

Holder of the award for best e-commerce platform in 2023 by ABCOMM (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce), Nuvemshop is one of the most popular platforms among Brazilian entrepreneurs.The platform offers marketplace integration hubs for websites that want to sell in several different virtual shopping options.The company also offers features such as pages separated by categories, a search tool from the product filter, automatic shipping calculation and much more.Those who choose Nuvemshop will also be able to count on advanced options for managing and executing digital marketing strategies directly from the platform, an app to control their website on their cell phone and logistics options.

3. Shopify

Quite popular in Brazil and around the world, Shopify is a great option for an e-commerce platform and integration into a marketplace for those who want to sell in a virtual mall. The company already has more than 100 million dollars sold by the 800,000 stores created using the service. Some of its outstanding features are: free customization of page layout, management app, hosting, management panel and checkout features. Entrepreneurs who want additional functionality can search through the dedicated app store offered by the platform.


SITE123 aims to offer a practical, easy and objective service to its customers. Creating e-commerce sites on the platform is quite simple and can be done in several formats, for different segments through ready-made and customizable templates. Its integrations allow the addition of the catalog of stores in marketplaces of social networks and other options.

5. Tray

Tray is another option for those who want quality when creating their online business. The service that has already won ABCOMM’s best e-commerce platform award offers everything you need to create efficient, optimized and personalized websites to sell well. The company also has integrations with the main marketplaces available on the internet. Those who choose the platform can also count on integrated payment and logistics options, creation of personalized banners, loyalty programs, discount coupons and marketing tools to boost sales.

6. iSET

With more than 10 years of experience in the market, iSET has always followed the main trends in online sales. Its platform allows entrepreneurs to transform their websites into a virtual shopping mall by making their products available in the main marketplaces. The company also offers integrated solutions, variety in website customization and an optimized responsive design.

7. Integrated Store

Loja Integrada is yet another Brazilian platform option on our list. The service offered by the company allows you to create websites quickly and conveniently with exclusive themes. Customization is up to the app store, which allows you to add different features to your pages.In addition, the platform also features integration of the main marketplaces available in Brazil. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the option has a free plan that can be upgraded according to the needs of your store.

8. Webnode

Webnode is a more basic option for those who want to create their online business with only the most basic resources, such as developing their e-commerce, adding business pages and a blog. It is possible to create your website from customizable templates for various market categories. The platform also features the creation of custom domains and a very useful product addition system.

9. Jumpseller

Jumpseller has a limited amount of customizable themes to create your website, but it makes up for it in the quality of the options offered that can be adapted to any segment. The company offers several functionalities that are quite easy to use, the highlights are the shipping options and local payment. In addition, those who wish to operate a virtual mall can have their products advertised on marketplaces such as Mercado Livre, Google Shopping and Instagram Shopping.

10. Wobiz

Wobiz is an option that has an easy-to-use website builder and no prior technical knowledge is required. The company offers all the necessary functionality to create a virtual business that sells well. The platform also offers help in managing data and administering marketing campaigns.Wobiz is so focused on service that the company also helps users who have created an e-commerce on the platform to make their first sales.

11. Dooca

With all the features needed to create an online business that sells a lot, Dooca is yet another very viable option. Those who choose the company will have features such as integration with ERP systems, shopping cart monitoring, solutions for carriers and freight, and much more. Entrepreneurs who wish to work with a virtual mall will also be able to rely on integration with the main marketplaces.

12. Bagy

Those who need agility when creating their website will find Bagy’s resources quick and easy.To meet this proposal, the platform has more basic tools, but very functional. Integration with marketplaces and social networks is also present in the service.

13. Oruc

Oruc is an e-commerce platform that offers the main integrations with marketplaces for those who want to adopt the virtual shopping model. The service is a great alternative for anyone who already has a business or physical point and wants to start investing in internet sales. Platform features are focused on sales conversion, multi-channel manual sales process, integration with ERP systems, SEO optimization, various payment and shipping methods.

14. CartX

A good option for those who are starting to undertake on the internet and want to sell online, but cannot invest a very high amount, will be able to take advantage of CartX.The service offers SSL certificate, page management, abandoned cart recovery, transparent checkout and several other features. It is possible to contract the service to create your website through the standard plans or opt for an option without monthly fees where the service charges fees for each transaction made on your website.

15. Weebly

The last option on our list for those looking to sell in an online mall is Weebly. The e-commerce platform has intuitive resources for creating websites and adding products.The service also offers great features to create efficient stores and customize sales pages.

Ready to sell in a virtual mall?

We hope that our list can help you in your search for the best e-commerce platform to create your virtual business.If you are also interested in offering quality service to boost your sales, consider installing JivoChat on your pages.This tool allows you to serve your website visitors in real time, surprise them with proactive conversation invitations and unify your online chat service channels in one place.

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