Smart Eye Wearable’s Premiere by Huawei with Gentle Monster Reveal in Paris

A new fusion of fashion and technology as claimed by Huawei CEO Richard Yu; the recently introduced eye glasses in collaboration with Gentle Monster became another hit at the Huawei P30 series’ launch event in Paris.

The Smart glasses work with a voice assistant which keeps you in-tune with information. You can receive, reject or make calls with the phone. There are no cameras or feature buttons on the glasses but a particular spot on arm of the glasses is present. A soft touch at the spot can have your commands followed. This technology is more like a Bluetooth with little more extras.

These wearable smart glasses are very focused to opt for most-stylish designs and are IP67 dust and water resistant with mini phone inside. This fusion between fashion and technology is being manufactured under collaboration of Huawei and Gentle Monster which is renowned fashion brand of Korea.

Best of all, the pouch case for the smart glasses are able to charge the glasses wirelessly with a 2,200mAh battery. No Price or First impression aside dummy sample were witnessed at the launch event however this Smartphone will be making debut in July so til that, fingers crossed!

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