Mi Men Sports Shoes 2, Mi Sports Bluetooth Headphone and Mi 2 in 1 USB Cable will be up for Sale from 4th of April

Xiaomi has been indulged in smart gear, accessories and ecosystem products from quite some time. Now it is going to launch three more products on April 4th. The gear and accessories includes Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2, Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones and the 2 in 1 USB cable.

The Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 are constructed using a 5 in 1 uni moulding technology, which is said to combine five different materials to enable the shoes become more durable, shock absorbent, and slip resistant. The Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 feature a fishbone structure which adds comfort and support against accidental sprains. The shoes are covered in washable and breathable mesh fabric so that they washed in a washing machine. Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 will come in Grey, Black and Blue colour options.

The Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic brings along a number of features, most prominent among them is being splash and sweat resistance because of their IPX4 rating. The wireless earphone also comes with support for Google Assistant which means that Android users will be able to use Google Assistant while using the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic. They comes with Bluetooth 4.1 which can connect the earphones to any device in just three seconds while the 360 degree rotatable ear hook design can be adjusted according to the user’s ear shape.

Xiaomi’s 2 in 1 USB cable with micro USB and Type C will also go on sale from 4th of April. The cable measures 30cm in length and is made up of insulated copper braids and a layer of aluminum which protects it against electromagnetic interference.

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