Huawei New Matebook is going to launch in November with this amazing feature

Huawei is set to announce a new Matebook this November. Huawei teased a feature of the new laptop, the ability to share 1,000 photos in 2 seconds, from a Mate 20 series device to the upcoming notebook. This will be the first device to feature such an easy and fast file transfer.

 Huawei’s previous Matebook launch, the Matebook X Pro, was announced earlier this year with an Intel CPU and an NVIDIA GTX GPU. However, the company did not disclose any specs and information about the new Huawei MateBook.

 Huawei has developed share 3.0 that enables users to share files between all the Huawei devices which will probably enable the 2 seconds 1,000 photo transfer in the new Huawei Matebook.

 We have to wait till November to know more precisely about this feature and the Matebook itself. It is going to be the third Matebook launched by Huawei. Stay connected with Techin to keep updated.

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