Apple sends colorful invites for its October 30th iPad event

Apple has started to dispatch invitations to the media for an event on October 30, which is expected to involve the launch of new iPad Pro models and refreshed Mac models.

Apple event invites always consist of a main image and a clever phrase, but this one is different. While all of the invitations feature the same “There’s more in the making” tagline, everyone who received an invite seems to have gotten a different image. Some feature brightly colored patterns while others are black and white.

One Twitter user claims to have tallied up 65 distinct logos so far. Others guess the event’s location at the Brooklyn Academy of Music could signal big news from Beats or another music related update.

The new iPad Pro is rumored to have slim bezels and Face ID, expanding Apples your face is your passcode technology beyond the iPhone for the first time. Its also been reported that this years iPad Pro will switch over from Lightning to USB C and be available in 11 and 12.9 inch display sizes.

The other long rumored product expected to debut at the event is a new 13 inch MacBook which will have the same design as the 12 inch MacBook. Apple might also use the event to announce an updated Mac mini. Well None of it’s official until Apple announces them.

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