5 Most Interesting Gadgets and Devices From CES 2022

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is gaining popularity with each passing year. More and more companies are participating in the exhibition to showcase their innovative solutions. This year the show held in Las Vegas, thousands of brands attended the show and introduced their latest product innovations focused on the consumer needs. The show had everything from home appliances and fitness devices to automobile and beauty products. Some of the most interesting products showcased at CES 2022 are:

Kohler’s Numi 2.0: A Smart Toilet

146 years old plumbing company Kohler introduced an intelligent toilet at the CES 2022. It has built-in surround, sound speakers, ambient lighting and Amazon Alexa Voice controls. Kohler’s Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet is one of the most interesting products introduced in the show. The heating seats add on to the comfort of the consumer.

OrCam’s MyMe: Helps Remember Everyone You Meet

OrCam MyMe is a small device that can be clipped on the user’s t-shirt. It helps you remember people you meet throughout the day. The tiny device features a camera and uses a proprietary facial-recognition algorithm so that you can associate names with faces. It is useful during business meetings, conferences, social gatherings and will help keep track of your social networking.

RoomMe: A Personalised Home Automation System

RoomMe is a personalized home automation system that sets the temperature, lighting, and music based on personal preference of whoever is present in the room. It is compatible with a variety of smart home products to work accordingly. It can be connected to a mobile phone and the user can set everything according to their liking through an App.


Welt Smart Belt Pro

A belt is a necessity and when it is combined with breakthrough technology it can be much more useful than just holding your pants. Welt Smart Belt Pro comes with its own app that helps the user monitor a variety of things such as their waist size, eating patterns, sitting time, walking distance, step count and much more.

Oral B: Smart Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrushes are considered as a worthwhile purchase when it comes to oral health. Now, a brand new toothbrush from Oral Health Company Oral B called the iO series comes with a rotating and oscillating bristles to deep clean your teeth and gums. It has its own App that indicates you if your brushing is too aggressive and makes sure you brushed your teeth for a complete two minutes with getting all hard to reach areas cleaned.

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