Xiaomi Drone Equipped With Artificial Intelligence: Here’s Xiaomi Drone iDol

Xiaomi has recently launched the new Xiaomi Drone iDol with truly unique features. It seems that the next jewel of the Xiaomi house can be controlled through gestures thanks to the implementation of AI.

The new Xiaomi Drone iDol is more like some selfie drones with a squared structure. Xiaomi has a gesture system, conceptually similar to that of the DJI Spark, but this device is based on an artificial intelligence system which helps iDol track faces and objects.

The drone is very portable as the longest side does not exceed 23 cm (226 x 144 x 48 mm) and weighs only 360 grams. This affects the autonomy, in fact, the 1800 mAh battery allows you to stay in flight no more than 10 minutes. However it’s more than enough for scenic selfies.

The device has a special design, it is made of PVC plastic and can be folded. The video quality reaches 1080p at 30 fps while it has got GPS, barometer, ultrasound sensor and, of course and controls via smartphone app.

The user can also handle it practically without the application, while iDol can recognize faces, figures of people and objects to be photographed. Its maximum operating height is not to exceed 50 meters.

Xiaomi iDol can follow us wherever we go, without having to handle it, as for a selfie shot from above, it is enough to lift our hands. The device is available for about 110 ‚¬ (Approximately Rs. 16,000 in Pakistani currency).

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