Ayeza Khan, Aiman and Sarah become most followed actresses

Ayeza Khan, Aiman khan and Sarah Khan become most followed actresses. Pakistani actress Sarah Khan Aiman and Ayeza has get another crown of most followed Celebrity actresses of Pakistan. So lets have a look more into this!

Ayeza Khan, Aiman khan and Minal Khan are the most followed actresses of Pakistan. They all are most popular for their acting skills and modeling in dramas. While Pakistani actress is now recognized in all over the world because of their beauty and the talent they have. While after Ayeza Khan now Aiman and Sarah also came in the title of most followed actresses of Pakistan.

Ayeza khan
Ayeza khan
Aiman khan
Aiman khan

Ayeza Khan has currently 12.6 Million of followers on her Instagram account. While Aiman Khan has almost 11.1 Million and she is on second number in spite of leaving industry and she is not appearing in any drama. But till now her fan following is getting increase day by day. While on the third number Sarah Khan has win this title with 10.2 Million followers.

Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan

While they all are also considered as the most beautiful actresses of Pakistan as well. Sarah Khan and Aiza Khan name also came in the hundred beautiful faces of world list as well. While Aiza Khan is a multi talented actress that she wonderfully manages her home and her work even after getting married she is still working splendid.

A part from it Sarah Khan is also a mother and after tying knot with Falak Shabir their couple become the most popular couple of the town.

So what are your thoughts over Aiza Khan, Aiman khan and Sarah Khan become most followed actresses ? Do let us know in the comment box! Thank you.

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